Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Investment Forum: Cameroon to step-up e-business

17/05/2016The on-going International Economic Conference in Cameroon will amongst other things, be an opportunity for the country to improve on electronic business.

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The conference which opened this Tuesday, 17th May 2016 has brought together business magnates from Africa and beyond to discover investment opportunites in Cameroon.
With electronic business (e-business) being a latest form of exchange on the international market, the participants are sure to evoke the topic.
Cameroon is yet to fully embrace and embark on e-business with statistics from Salon Afrikebiz of April 2015 indicating that just two per cent of Cameroonians buy and sell on the internet.
Experts say this slow pace is due to limited and high cost internet in the country.
That notwithsatanding, the Director of Google for Africa, Tidjane Deme says Cameroon has potentials in the domain of e-business due to its excellent university training, high literacy rate and bilingualism.
It is worth mentioning however that some e-business start-ups have sprouted in the country in recent years.
Since the digital economy, with its innovations like e-business, demands the presence of experts, the necessary hardware and adequate training, discussions during this International Economic Conference will tackle these aspects and lay concrete groundwork towards a better use of the electronic business by Cameroonians.
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Eleanor Ayuketah CRTV

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