Friday, August 8, 2014

Journalists & Technies upgrade ICT skills in a 2 day Seminar Workshop on ICT Tools for online Journalism.

In the video above, participants plan to make use of the knowledge to improve their performance in Journalism practice.

The ICT intellectual brainstorm organised by the US Embassy schooled participants on new notions on online Journalism. Coming after a show (VOV 97 conceived and presented by Amy BANDA) on 'The Web we want: Internet without discrimination,censorship and surveillance' Journalists, Techies and Embassy staff explored the power of publication, engaging audience online via text, audio and video storytelling, maximizing impact on news reports beyond time shifts and classical broadcasting.

The training ignited the famous conversation on censorship from others and self. Should the journalist air his or her views beyond editorial lines or should he/she should play the cooperate ethics game in the detriment of personal convictions?
Professor Corey Takahashi, from the Syracuse University in New York took the diplomatic stand: «In journalism, 1+1=3, the best camera is what you have at hand, I don't judge, but would let you guys know that in the US if you won’t publish for any reason, you can always pass the stuff on to a colleague..." Excel Asama, CEO of I-Vission International had a different conception from some of the participants on the theory of freedom of expression and financial dependency. He refused to take back home the opinion that "if you don't have money, just publish what the big boys and the establishments want" he argued further that fear and ignorance are two adjacent illusions that will always obstruct a man from reaching personal convictions and that those who succeed in journalism today are independent and motivated and not dependent and oppressed.

Below are pictures of VOV 98 focusing on the African Woman in a Digital World.

Mrs Lupeube, a Congolese refugee, Aretha Louise Mbango PRO of Perenco, Emma AKEM of the WCIC, Amy BANDA, Chantal NGOUASSA President of the Association of distressed widows and Jean Louis BIMELA SHUDZEKA Pdt of the Cameroonian Community in Hong Kong on the set of VOV.

 Emma Akem of the Women's Counselling & Information Centre, Mrs Lupuebe, Aretha Louise MBANGO, Myself, Shudzeka Jean Louis BIMELA & Mme Chantal Ngouassa after the show on August 2, 2014.

 Women faced with legal issues from the North, East, Littoral, North West, Adamawa, Centre, South, Far North, South West & West Regions of Cameroon (or even out of territorial boundaries) can from now on, reach the WCIC online to submit their problems.
The Concept Initiator & Host of VOV is dressed by Donatela Creation (77600415) located at the entrance of Lycée Mongo Joseph, Rue Koloko, Bonapriso, Douala - Cameroon.

The African woman has basics on technologies but should be able to manufacture as well, so as not remain an IT literate from the user perspective.

Focus: VOV 99 on August 9, 2014 delves on Intra / Inter urban Movement in Cameroon. Join us live as from 3pm to tell us your appreciation of the transport network in the country.
Are you satisfied with the system of transport in Cameroon?


  1. I just discovered the power I have as an online publisher thanks to this summary Amy. I will implement this and give you feedback. I am infront of my screen waiting for VOV 99 on the crucial transport issues in Cameroon.

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  5. Quite a super imposing and interesting seminar. Michelle MEJANE.

  6. I have learnt how to move beyond time and geo tag my publications for easy location and reading for readers world over. Paul Forfeeh.

  7. Authentic Potential. I will nominate you for the 2015 MIW Awards. You deserve recognition and financial support to materialise those dreams burning in you.