Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Promise Akanteh: The African woman is heavily endowed

1) Who is Promise AKANTEH? 

* I am promise AKANTEH, a Journalist, who, despite not having had any formal training in any journalism school,  excels in Jornalism every/an micrphone related job.

2) What drives Promise AKANTEH?

  I am driven by my unquenchable passion to get to the very top, giving in my utmost best each time I am honoured to use my GOD given talents. 

3) What is Your greatest influence?

 My greatest influence is my persistence, I just keep going on - firmly but nicely, putting my point across. 

4) Who is Your role model?

I have quite a andful of role models, starting with myself. Buy my biggest is Oprah Winfrey and then Helen Sirleaf Johnson.

5) Where do you see yourself in the next five years? 

My greatest wish is to be on the international scene in the next five years, presenting shows and anchoring international motivational programs. 

6) What are the challenges of the African Woman? 

I would not say I am not proud of the African Woman today, but she could be better if she gave herself a chance. 

7) Should you be named the Minister of Women's Empowerment and the Family , what wrong Will you right with your vision?

 First, I will cacel that idea that there are particular jobs reserved for men while the 'female positions' continue to be the less important posts of responsibility. Girls and Boys will be given equalrights to education at all levels. 

8) One thing you hate in girls and women today you will like to see adjusted.

 Their dressing, their mentality - always thinking that men should provide for them.  The idea of girls feeling that they are some 'underpriviledged' set of people just because of their sex drives me angry. 

9) How do you eradicate GBV in Cameroon today? 

I will empower them mentally, psychologically, spiritually and financially. Already the fact that women occupy some positions of authority at the radio is a positive step first step. It could not be more timely - everybody is suppossed to be concerned -men and women.  

And I sincerely pray that by next year, the fruits of these 16 days of activism against women and girlswill be clearly visible. We should continue the talking and advocacy. It should start from the very basic level. An entire subject -Gender could be introduced into the school curriculum. Like I said earlier, iif the government begins awakening the consciousness of boys and girls from the very tender age on the importance of protecting and promoting gender and fighting gender based violence, then the fruits will be more visible. 

The clergy too should include GBV in their sermons - people believe so much in what their priests ad pastors say. 

10) Any advice for the African Woman? 

African leaders should accept the fact that the girl child is a child with everything that the boy child has, and even more. We should open up doors for the girl child and not tie her down all in the name of some outdated tradition. Girls are first of all humans with all their full potentials and with the added advantage of having maternal instincts - at no matter what age.

The African Union and United Nations should continue the struggle for its worth it. And for the African woman - you are heavily endowed. Let no one ever make you fee less than that. I am a motivational speaker, a promoter of the rights of the child, founder of the NGO Our Baby which promotes the bond between parents -especially fathers and their children, from the womb to early childhood. 

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