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The African woman must stand up, speak up and shine: Beatrice KEPSEU


By | December 12th, 2015

KEPSEU MARTHE BEATRICE - Born in 1975, I began my journey through life. After leaving home at age 18, I decided to enroll at the National High Polytechnic School Yaoundé in 1993.  From there, I quickly realized that I loved
KEPSEU MARTHE BEATRICE – Born in 1975, I began my journey through life. After leaving home at age 18, I decided to enroll at the National High Polytechnic School Yaoundé in 1993.  
From there, I quickly realized that I loved Electricity. Soon I made a decision that I am going to study to become an Electrical Engineer. After my graduation, I started working at Switch Telecom Engineering where I was so devoted to the point of being named first woman in Central Africa as Senior Manager of Operations and Maintenance in MTN Cameroon, a Telecommunication Operator. During my stay at MTN Cameroon, I participated in the implantation and growth of the first private telecommunications company from the first to the seven millionth subscriber, as much as from the 1st to the 800th employee. I have attended many training sessions in Management and Leadership, during my 17 years of dutiful service. This has successfully driven people  (staff, vendors, contractors…) to believe in their dreams and 
 guided them towards greater achievements. I am currently the Co-founder of a startup company 'Powerlink' which  provide subcontracting services to Operator and HES KABLO Central Africa Representative distributor of Telecommunication , Fibers , Data and Powers Cables .

In 2014, I was selected as the best candidate of TECHWOMEN 2014, a state awards from the U.S. Department of State distinguishing leading Women in the field of Technology who have an impact in
their country. I live and breathe volunteerism.  I believe that everyone can give back to the community
and dedicate hours to events in life that call for empathy. Breathing volunteerism, through ‘’Technovation Challenge Cameroon’, I push many creative and young women to dare technology and science, usually considered the man's world. Exposing these vibrant and talented girls to computer science and entrepreneurship at an early stage through the designing and programming of a mobile application, we do not only inspire many girls to be better versions of themselves with   technology,  we as well connect them to their role models, who hitherto give them knowledge for free, by sharing their enriching experiences of creating their very own high-tech product, thus empower them. With a group of women, we have created ‘’INNOV-LADIES’’ to educate young girls and boys on how to make excellent use of Information and Communication Technologies. ‘INNOV-LADIES’’ believes that to close the gender technology gap, we have to inspire girls to pursue computer science by exposing them to real life and on screen role models.


Determination, Passion and Perseverance are keys words for me when faced with business challenges. My passion for innovative ideas on technology has always been my
driving force.  I can share my experiences and innovative ideas on how to master this technology and as well as learn from others anytime. 
My determination is what enables me to reach my set goals in every project I am in
engaged in, and circumstance that I may find myself.  There are always “valleys, hills and plateau” levels in everything we do in life…favorable, trying and difficult moments; and it is only through perseverance we can attain our goals. To me, Perseverance is my “icing on the


My father has been of great inspiration to me. His values and principles greatly shaped my character
and gave me the drive I needed to evolve and push forward. Some of these values
he taught me are hard work, honesty and happiness. As the last child of my
family who lost the machinery of the home (my mother) , my father's love and support made me who I am today. I remember he constantly reminded me to respect everyone regardless of who he or she is, saying that we came to this world naked and naked we shall return to the bosom of the earth.


My role model is my mother. She was the strongest person I knew. She passed away when I was at the University but I hold enviable memories of her dedication, hardwork, love, and respect. Our house was always like a Church full of many thirsty Christians, in search of the word for the mind and the spirit, due to our mother's way of being. I learn from my mum that there is more to giving than receiving. 


I started my career with a PanAfrican company based in South Africa called
MTN and I was among the first employees at MTN Cameroon and I helped to build the
company from scratch to grace with my daily efforts to see it grow. 

Having started my own company ‘’POWERLINK’ , I sub-contract for other companies in Africa.
Our daily experiences build us strong enough to specialise in planning, integration, implementation
of Solutions, tailor- made solution provider, any other services depending on
the needs and the market's evolution. We as well  largely distribute quality telecommunications
equipment , data and power. I envisage owning a network charged with the responsibility of deploying SOLAR affordable Solutions that will provide energy for rural areas in every home in the
next coming five years. In all this my husband, my true partner does all to give me the necessary

African women face challenges in so many areas of life. We can list sex / gender discrimination in education, different professions and decision making. African women are more or less considered
based on certain traditional believes and customs as “baby ponders and fit just to stay at home, cook for the man and take of children.” Her attempt to emerge or step into the limelight or forefront of affairs is more or less regarded as a sort “rebellion’’. Most African women found in rural suburbs, in most African countries, do not have voting rights. These ills are just a few among numerous ills; early or forceful marriages,  girl child circumcision, domestic violence, lack of economic empowerment schemes or nonexistent economic revenue… and the list goes on and on.

I am working with young girls in other to educate the
girl child on the importance of computer science through practical
demonstrations, and how this can solve immediate community challenges,
facilitate job creation and economic prosperity. With INNOV-LADIES, we will organize
forums of female experts and professional in the STEM fields, company
executives, entrepreneurs… towards encouraging young girls in the field of
technology, engineering and entrepreneurship.

During my days at the university, I was managing the
swimming club. Members of the club were surprised that I was going to be their
swimming teacher. I was a young girl and this is not common in Africa to see a
small girl managing a club of such. But they were obliged to change their mind
when they saw me on the swimming pool swimming like a fish. Up till today some of
them still call me swimming teacher. Swimming is my favorite activity for
Sometimes, I also watch comedy movie.


African women should be Inspired, Celebrated and
empowered because African country cannot develop without her. She is the
motherhood and the foundation of our family. When women have the possibility to
see that there is somewhere other women are capable of excelling, they get
inspired and this breaks the “mould” of inferiority/gender complex. She is so
inspired by her and would like to celebrate her and be empowered.

I would love to work in the Education sector.  My
belief is that an Educated Woman is an Empowered Woman. I will like to advocate
on any initiative to encourage young girls to pursue school. Good education
provide to young girl, it is a likely hope and a golden
opportunity for the girl child, especially in the rural areas, to change this
status quo and become woman technologist and entrepreneur towards the
attainment of economic prosperity.


The advice I have for the African Woman, is to tell
her to stand up and occupy her rightful position as the first educator of the
family and a nation builder. Work hand in glove with her husband to upgrade the
standard of living of the family.
They have to engage in more challenging fields where the gender gap is wide, take up more community development and charity programs
to create an image worthy of its kind and for the advancement of her community.

The African woman must try to be at the forefront of politics in her nation, fight for political
positions to having access to decision making organs and exert her influence
towards ameliorating gender parity, for a better nation building.

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