Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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We call on all midwives in the world and our Member Associations to come together this year on IDM to highlight the importance of having midwives involved in the development of the new era. This is why we have chosen the theme “Midwives: for a better tomorrow”. This slogan clearly states that midwives have to be involved in the work to achieve the new set of goals called the Sustainable Development Goals and create a brighter future for mothers, babies, and families. The overarching theme "The World Needs Midwives Now More Than Ever" will accompany the sub theme of the year 2015. Read on http://www.internationalmidwives.org/events/idotm/international-day-of-the-midwife-2015/

While we beckon midwives to live a little by putting smiles on the faces of those in need of their services, we invite you to enjoy some videos on our facebook page:

International Day of the Midwife was first celebrated May 5, 1991, and has since been observed in over 50 nations around the world.[1]
The idea of having a day to recognize and honor midwives came out of the 1987 International Confederation of Midwives conference in the Netherlands. In 2014 it was celebrated in Iran[2] and New Zealand[3] among other places.

Lives of Logbessou indwellers endangered  https://www.facebook.com/454524697979291/videos/vb.454524697979291/772021276229630/?type=2&theater

International Jazz Day traces roots of the unique rhythm  https://www.facebook.com/454524697979291/videos/vb.454524697979291/771132799651811/?type=2&theater

Cameroon's Lulu lives on  https://www.facebook.com/454524697979291/videos/vb.454524697979291/570495573048869/?type=2&theater

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